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MIT Holding Inc., is a leading publicly traded firm focused exclusively on building relationships and partnering with some of the world’s leading infusion and home-based healthcare services available.

People are living much longer these days, due to advancement in medicine, technology and a strong quality of life. Selecting a healthcare provider, specialising in home based or clinical Infusion, PBM, or DME services can be troublesome and place heavy burden on patients and families. MIT Holding, Inc. can provide a wide range of market leading companies focused on providing cost effective care guided by strong customer service, excellent quality care and values promoting incredible outcomes for a better quality of life for those who desperately need it with finance options for the patient.

MIT Holding Inc., partners with hospitals, physicians, facility based providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare payers, providing patients with post-acute care nationwide, including educational programs and travel ventures providing medical treatments. Please call us today for additional information, we are here to help.


MIT Holding, Inc. Medical Cruises
Medical Sea Cruises offer an individual the opportunity to relax in style with their family and loved ones, while never missing a dialysis or infusion treatment. For many years, patients in need of daily and weekly treatments, found the opportunities scarcely impossible to travel abroad. Have you ever wondered how to travel or even begin to look forward to where you are going next? We have brought the dream to a quick reality. Freedom to travel the world with loved ones, providing comfort in knowing dialysis and infusion treatment needs are taken care of by dedicated and trained medical professionals.


MIT Holding, Inc. Educational Programs
Education is the foundation of successful treatment. We treat our relationships with healthcare providers and patients like family. Our patient education programs include Healthcare Professional Training, Clinician Education Programs, Home Infusion Processes, Basic Home Standards, Handling of Supplies, Medications, Emergency Preparedness Tips, Patient Information about Advance Directives, Medicare DMEPOS supplier standards and much more. Please contact us today for additional information.

Please call us today for additional information, we are here to help.

MIT Holding, Inc.

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