The Department of Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Automation is a combination of the Institute of Automation of Information Science and Engineering, the Institute of Control Theory and Navigation Technology of the Northeastern University, and the first-level discipline is “Control Science and Engineering”. It is the first-level discipline national key discipline, first-level discipline Liaoning provincial key discipline and first-level disciplines Doctor's degree authorization centers, and a "control science and engineering" postdoctoral mobile station. The department currently has 49 in-service teachers, 23 professors, 17 associate professors and 9 lecturers. Among them, there are 17 doctoral supervisors and 40 master tutors. In the department, 1 person is in charge of the National Natural Science Foundation Innovation Research Group Project, 1 person is the Distinguished Professor of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program, 1 person obtained the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 person obtained the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 2 persons are the New Century Talents from the Ministry of Education, 2 persons are the Liaoning Provincial Teaching Masters, 1 person is the Liaoning Provincial Million Talent, 2 persons obtained the State Council Government Allowance, 1 person is the winner of National One Hundred Excellent Doctoral Theses, and 1 person is the winner of Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Chinese Association of Automation.

The main research directions are: intelligent industrial full-process intelligent operation state evaluation and optimization control, abnormal working condition intelligent identification and self-healing control, fault intelligent prediction and maintenance, process design and operation optimization based on big data and knowledge; information physics system safety and intelligent control, dynamic system fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control, switching system and switching control and pattern recognition; driverless vehicle path planning, navigation and control optimization, visual servo control, drone autonomous control, multi-machine cooperative formation control; intelligent system modeling and optimization control, big data analysis and intelligent decision making, artificial intelligence application and system integration technology; intelligent system analysis, design and implementation, intelligent manufacturing and quality monitoring, network control and cloud control; time-delay system analysis and control, brain data modeling, width and depth learning, twin simulation, smart medical and active rehabilitation, analytical curve mathematical perspectives in control science applications.

Facing the national intelligent manufacturing strategic needs and international research frontiers, the department has achieved fruitful scientific research results. The department undertakes more than 50 fund projects of the National Natural Science Foundation Innovation Research Group Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Key International Cooperation Research Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Key Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China; It also bears more than 10 projects of the National 973 Plan Projects, the National 863 Theme Projects, the National 863 Goal-oriented Projects, the National Support Plan Projects, the National Key R&D Projects, and more than 180 corporate projects; It won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of the Science and Technology Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) Natural Science Award of the Higher Education, the first and second prizes of the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award, and the Provincial and Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Award. It has more than 60 invention patents applied and authorized, and more than 1,000 papers published in the journals such as Automatica, IEEE Journal, AIChE, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Journal of Process Control, among which nearly 400 papers are published in IEEE publications and IFAC journals, more than 20 papers are high-cited, and especially, more than 10 long articles are published in the international top journals, IEEE TAC and Automatica.

The department undertakes the National Quality Courses, the National Boutique Resource Sharing Course "Automatic Control Principles", the National Quality Courses, the National Boutique Online Course "Computer Control System", the Liaoning Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Course, the National Resource Sharing Course Construction Course "Electrical Teaching of courses such as Control Fundamentals and Programmable Controllers. In recent years, it has undertaken (participated) more than 40 teaching research and reform projects at the university level or above (including nearly 10 national projects and more than 10 provincial projects); It has been awarded nearly 40 university-level teaching awards (including 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award, and nearly 10 Liaoning Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards; It has published 8 teaching materials and academic monographs, and more than 60 teaching reform papers.

The Department of Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Automation currently has provincial research platforms such as the Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Metallurgical Industry Engineering Diagnostics and Safety and the Liaoning Provincial Integrated Automation Technology Service Center.

With the joint efforts of all colleagues, we will gather together to face the country's major needs and the forefront of international disciplines, promote deep integration among the next-generation artificial intelligence, information technology and manufacturing industry, take continuous innovation and development as the main line, build knowledge groups and technology groups from basic theory, key technologies, innovative applications and other aspects, seize the commanding heights of artificial intelligence technology, realize the digitalization, networking, intelligence and greening of the manufacturing industry, help the industry to transform and upgrade, and make new contributions to the smooth realization of China's manufacturing power strategy.