Founded in April 1923, NEU NEU is designated as the national key university of the “211 Project” and “985 Project”. General Zhang Xueliang (or Chang Hsueh-liang) was the honorary president from August 1928 to January 1937.

       Being the largest college in NEU, Information Science and Engineering College has achieved many “China First”. ISE  has established the first batch of industrial electrification automation; automation Dr. station is the first batch of Dr. station with four automation disciplines; and detection technology and automation device Dr. station is the first batch of two Dr. station in China, became the first batch of two detection technology and automation equipment. In the spirit of “work is better than word, daring to be the first, being different and being prepared, the whole faculty and students seize the opportunity to form a common development environment of multi - disciplinary, multi-professional and has made remarkable achievements.

At present, ISE has 249 teaching staff, including 1 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 listed in “One Thousand Talents” of Chinese Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, 10 Cheung Kong Scholars, 1 professor-in-residence, 7 recipients of Fund for State Excellent Youth (1 for Overseas Youth included), 3 National Natural Science Foundation of China Innovation Group.

      ISE provides 3 first-level disciplines, 10 second-level disciplines, 1 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization point and 1 post-doctoral work station, 6 second disciplines doctoral degree authorization, 4 undergraduate majors, 1 National Engineering Research Center, 1 State Key Laboratory, 1 Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center. Adhered to discipline construction control science and engineering discipline respectively ranked No.1 once and  No.2 twice in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education, highlighting the cutting edging position in the country.

Adhering to the principle of focus on national major demand, as well as the forefront of international science and technology,  ISE has made a lot of achievements in the work of scientific research, won 4 second prize of National Technology Invention Award , 9 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. ISE is responsible for more than 2000 projects, with many high-level papers are published.

       ISE has 3344 full-time students. In order to further improve the quality of personnel training, ISE fully implement the quality of teaching progress, and explore new model of innovation. Therefore, talent cultivation yield fruitful. There are thousands of students won the domestic and international competitions. Besides, there are more than ten thousand outstanding graduates,  like Chen Guangyi, who dedicate to the country development.

ISE has been cooperating and exchanging with overseas institutes and research agencies, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France.

      Facing the future, ISE will based on industrial application, focus on the major national needs as well as the forefront of international disciplines. Through cooperation and cross-research mechanism innovation, ISE strive to build an international first-class and state high-level research institutions, as well as the cradle of industrial innovation personnel.